We are over 50 organisations from across Europe, Asia, Indonesia, America and Canada, all working together to save some of Indonesia’s most unique species.

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Join us in raising awareness for all three species on our first ever Action Indonesia Day! By organizing institutions around the globe in a focused, singular awareness event we hope to reach as many audiences as possible.




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Action Indonesia

We are the Action Indonesia Global Species Management Plan (GSMP). We are more than 50 organisations from across Europe, Asia, Indonesia, America and Canada, all working together to save some of Indonesia’s most unique and special species. The Action Indonesia GSMP takes a global view of the conservation of Anoa, Babirusa and Banteng. We also work collaboratively with the Sumatran Tiger GSMP.


Our work focuses on the conservation breeding of these species in zoos, educating the public about how we can all help save them and on supporting conservation of the species and their habitats in the wild.

What is a GSMP? 

Global Species Management Plans (GSMPs) are international, collaborative conservation plans focused on the long-term survival of target species. These plans – overseen by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) - bring together zoos, governments, and conservation organizations to concentrate skills and energy for maximum impact in both zoos (ex-situ) and the field (in-situ). Instead of each regional organization working independently toward their specific conservation goals, GSMPs use a One-Plan approach, which encourages regions to work together as a single, cohesive team. 


In 2016, the Action Indonesia GSMPs were created to help protect Anoa, Banteng, and Babirusa from extinction. In 2018, the longest running GSMP – Sumatran tiger – joined forces with Action Indonesia to increase reach and collaboration. 




What is the One Plan Approach? 

The One Plan approach to species conservation is the development of management strategies and conservation actions by all responsible parties for all populations of a species, whether inside or outside their natural range. That means that everyone involved in conservation of a species works together, following the same plan, and coordinating with each other for a shared goal. 



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Raising awareness for these three amazing species

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Experts from around the world work together

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Scientists and conservationists monitor wild populations




Working together across the globe to assure the long term survival of all three species

We need your help to raise awareness about these amazing species

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