Action Indonesia

Action Indonesia Day is August 15, 2021!

use #actionindonesiaday

We need your help to get as many participants as possible raising awareness for Babirusa, Anoa and Banteng! 



There are lots of fun ways that you can raise money to help protect banteng, babirusa and anoa!


Here are some ideas to get you started…


  • Use #actionindoenisaday or #actionindonesia

  • Take part in a fun run or sponsored running event

  • Organize a raffle prize draw and ask family, friends and local businesses for donations of raffle items  

  • Host an animal quiz event and ask each team to donate to take part

  • Do a cake or lemonade sale

  • Get creative and do an art sale

  • Hold a fancy dress day and take donations to take part


If you are a Zoo and interested in participating in Action Indonesia Day please fill out the form below to let us know! We need as much help as possible. Help us to calculate the reach throughout US and European Zoos!

You can help to save banteng, babirusa and anoa!

Participating in Action Indonesia Day?
Please let us know!

Thank you for your participation! This helps us gauge reach, learn more and grow awareness for endangered species!