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Action Indonesia

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Action Indonesia works with the Indonesian government and area locals on education campaigns, animal husbandry training and reintroduction techniques. Funding is paramount to the continuation of many of these programs. 

Where does my money go?

Microchips for animal identification

Microchips will be used to identify anoa, banteng and babirusa in Indonesian zoos. This will help with the management and husbandry of these animals and will assisting with the breeding program, helping to develop a healthy back-up population.


  • £100 / $125 / €115 / 1753712.50 IDR – microchips

       50 microchips to identify anoa, banteng and babirusa in Indonesian zoos.


  • £50 / $60 / €55 / 841782 IDR – microchip readers

       A microchip reader to identify microchipped animals.


Genetic research

Genetic research will allow us to find out where anoa, banteng and babirusa kept in Indonesian zoos originate, and how they are related to each other. We will use this information to make breeding recommendations based on their genetics, helping to create a strong and healthy back-up population.


  • £170 / $215 / €190 / 3016385.50 IDR – DNA extraction kits

       This will allow us to extract DNA from 50 samples taken from anoa, banteng or babirusa kept in 

        Indonesian zoos.


  • £500 / $620 / €560 / 8698414 IDR – DNA sequencing

        This will allow us to sequence the DNA of 50 anoa, banteng or babirusa kept in Indonesian zoos.


Field research and monitoring

To be able to protect banteng, anoa and babirusa in the wild we need to understand exactly where they are and how many there are. Monitoring programs in East Java (for banteng) and Sulawesi (for anoa and babirusa) will help us to investigate this.


  • £250 / $310 / €280 / 4349207 IDR – Camera trap

       Camera traps will be used to monitor wild banteng populations in national parks in East Java. This will

       provide more accurate estimates of the population and allow us to provide better protection.


  • £1,000 / $1,250 / €1,115 / 17537125 IDR – Surveys and monitoring in Sulawesi

       This will pay for the transport and food for rangers in protected areas on Sulawesi. This will enable 

       them to carry out vital surveying and monitoring work for anoa and babirusa, helping to protect these

       threatened populations.

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