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Population monitoring 

Effective population monitoring of in situ populations of the GSMP species is essential to increasing knowledge of population sizes and trends, to identify whether populations are demographically and genetically stable and viable for conservation. Knowledge of population sizes, range and trends also helps to identify potential threats to the population and inform conservation actions. E.g. increased protection for populations vulnerable to hunting pressures. The GSMP plans to increase the in situ activities in Sulawesi, as well as expanding to include banteng conservation projects in East Java in the near future. 


Action Indonesia has supported in situ projects to protect GSMP species in the wild, for example babirusa surveys on the island of Buru, ranger and snare removal patrols to protect anoa and babirusa in Nantu forest in Sulawesi, and community outreach projects to raise awareness of the importance of conserving Sulawesi’s threatened endemic species.


Through partnerships with National Parks, experts from the Action Indonesia GSMP have also provided help and support in rescuing and translocating banteng away from conflict situations, where they may be in danger from humans.  

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