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Cooperative breeding 

Cooperative breeding means that zoos work together to breed animals that will strengthen the genetic diversity of the population. To achieve demographically and genetically healthy ex situ populations of these species, the GSMPs produced cooperative breeding and transfer recommendations in 2016 and 2018 and provided training to facilitate the transfer of animals between Indonesian zoos.  


In July 2018, two years of planning, negotiating and relationship-building resulted in the successfulA transfers of three banteng bulls. This was a major milestone for Action Indonesia; as well as being the first implementation of cooperative transfer recommendations of the GSMPs, they also involved the movement of animals between zoos (Taman Safari Indonesia) and Baluran National Park. Since then, more transfers have taken place and are in process.  


In 2019 alone, there were 10 new births in Indonesian zoos following the breeding recommendations. New births like this are important steps forward in our goal of maintaining healthy global ex situ populations. Continued delivery of husbandry training, and the production of husbandry guidelines, will contribute to achieving this goal 

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