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Since they started in 2016, the Action Indonesia GSMPs have delivered and facilitated training sessions and workshops to zoos, government and conservationists in Indonesia. Training in zoos include anoa and babirusa husbandry training, banteng transportation and husbandry training, and zoo educator training. Training was also delivered to local forestry office staff in Sulawesi to help them to better manage anoa and babirusa that were rescued and confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade. This training represents a skills-transfer from zoo experts to in situ staff, embracing the goals of the One Plan Approach. Training is delivered by a combination of Indonesian and international experts. 


As well as training sessions, the GSMP community are also working to provide resources and tools for zoos holding the GSMP species. Husbandry guidelines and resources are currently in production. Find a wide range of education resources and information in English and Bahasa Indonesia here 

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