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Who we are 

We are the Action Indonesia Global Species Management Plan (GSMP). We are 38 organisations from across Europe, Indonesia, America and Canada, all working together to save some of Indonesia’s most unique and special species. The Action Indonesia GSMP takes a global view of the conservation of Anoa, Babirusa and Banteng. We also work collaboratively with the Sumatran Tiger GSMP. 

Our work focuses on the conservation breeding of these species in zoos, educating the public about how we can all help save them and on supporting conservation of the species and their habitats in the wild. 



Why Anoa, Babirusa and Banteng? 

Pigs and cattle don’t always get the same attention as other species of conservation concern, but it is vitally important we work to protect them. Anoa, Babirusa and Banteng are all important parts of the Indonesian ecosystem, as well as having a long-standing role in Indonesian culture. Due primarily to habitat loss and hunting, they are all at risk of extinction, which would be a major ecological and cultural loss for Indonesia and around the world. A global concerted effort is required to ensure the survival of these amazing species and the wild spaces they call home. 

The Action Indonesia GSMPs are working to ensure that these species continue to play their vital role, both ecologically and culturally, for many years to come. 

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