Babirusa enclosure at ragunan zoo, jakarta

As one of our involvement in the GSMP, Ragunan Zoo Jakarta is dedicated to improve the husbandry quality of all collections we have, especially for GSMP species. We have made bulkhead cage in babirusa enclosures since 2018. The purposes are to control the breeding of the babirusa, or we called it controlled breeding, and to prepare for the arrival of new babirusa. Before being moved to a larger enclosure, the babirusa is placed in a bulkhead enclosure.

There are 3 bulkhead cages in babirusa enclosure, with a size of 40 m2. Each cage is connected by a bulkhead door contained in the cage. In each cage there are drinking containers, wallows and shelters.

The stall enclosure functions as a place for the babirusa to breed, starting from the pairing process between male and female until the rearing. The bulkhead enclosure is also used to quarantine sick babirusa, this is done to simplify the process of monitoring and treatment.

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