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AZA Annual Conference- Action Indonesia Lecture

Over 150 delegates from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums attended a presentation on Global Species Management Plans in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA on Monday September 9, 2019. Action Indonesia was the predominant focus of this lecture and highlighted the creation of the GSMP, species representatives and the Education Working Group including Action Indonesia Day.

The panel consisted of:

Julia Klumb

Graphics and Exhibits Manager, Zoo Miami

Action Indonesia GSMP, Education working Group (Moderator)

Jamie Jackson

Youth Development Coordinator, Audubon Zoo

Action Indonesia GSMP, Education working Group.

John Andrews

Population Biologist, AZA Population Management Center, Lincoln Park Zoo

Action Indonesia GSMP, Anoa Population Management Working Group Leader

Steve Metzler

Curator of Mammals, San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Action Indonesia GSMP, Banteng Population Working Group Leader, Husbandry and Training Working Group Leader, Banteng SSP coordinator

Joe Barkowski

VP of Animal Conservation & Science, Tulsa Zoo

WCMC Incoming Vice Chair of SSPs and Studbooks

Joe Forys

Curator of Large Mammals, Audubon Zoo

Action Indonesia GSMP, Babirusa GSMP Convener, Husbandry and Training Working Group Leader, Babirusa SSP Coordinator

Kristine Schad Eebes M.S.,

Director, AZA Population Management Center at Lincoln Park Zoo

Mark Myers

Curator of Birds, Woodland Park Zoo

Blue-crowned Laughing Thrush GSMP Convener


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