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Action Indonesia Day - Audubon Zoo!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Visit the Audubon Zoo to learn more about Anoa, Banteng, Babirusa, and tigers and how we are helping to save these animals from extinction.

- Collect your Indonesian Animal passport in Bambu Village and take a journey around the zoo to collect stamps and learn more about some of the animals that inhabit Southeast Asia.

- Attend educator chats and special animal enrichment for our Babirusa and other Indonesian species.

- Check out our activity stations to play games, decorate your own Anoa, Banteng, and Babirusa mask, and interact with biofacts

- Help us raise awareness for Anoa, Banteng, Babirusa, and tigers by stopping by our Selfie Station and sharing the photos on your social media.

Stop by and learn how you can take action to help these unique animals!


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