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Action Indonesia Day at Chester Zoo!

Together we can all help to save banteng, babirusa and anoa.

Join the fun and games at the zoo and take action for these amazing Indonesian animals.

10-11.30am Action Indonesia! Meet the Rangers at the main entrance (near the Monkey house) to find out all about banteng, babirusa and anoa and what makes them so special at our Action Indonesia artefacts table. Pick up your Action Indonesia collectors cards and colour in your own animal mask!

12-2pm Giant forest board game. Gather your herd and play our giant forest board game at Sumba House, Islands. Discover the challenges banteng, babirusa and anoa face in their wild habitats and find out about the global efforts to save them.

2.30pm Banteng talk. Join our Zoo Ranger and banteng keeper for a talk and Q&A at the banteng habitat, Islands. Find out all about our banteng herd and why zoo herds are so important to the species’ conservation.

3pm Babirusa & anoa talk. Join our Zoo Ranger and keeper for a talk and Q&A at the babirusa habitat, Islands. Find out all about our babirusa and anoa and how we work with conservationist in Indonesia to protect these amazing animals.


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