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Action Indonesia day 2019 at zoo miami!

Today was Action Indonesia day here at Zoo Miami and everyone got in on the fun! Tables at Tiger, Anoa, Babirusa, and Banteng had games and raised awareness and funds for Action Indonesia!!! Each animal had enrichment, keeper talks and a 4 lucky families got a chance to meet the animals up close. So many enthusiastic people visited the tables and completed the scavenger hunt! We had personality tests to find out if you are most like an Anoa, Babirusa or Banteng, Species Survival kerplunk, pin the tusks on the babirusa, build a babirusa habitat and people coud try on Banteng horns! Participating in this global initiative made us so proud but also gave our guests pride to have participated once they found out that 4 continents were all working together on this one day to raise awareness! Thank you to all those who helped make the first Action Indonesia Day a success!


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