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Action Indonesia Annual Report 2020 Published!

The Action Indonesia Annual Report for 2020 has been published and you can read it here!

2020 was certainly a challenging year for us all due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. We are so proud of the activities that our strong partnership achieved in 2020 for the conservation of anoa, banteng and babirusa.

Some of the activities we describe in the report include:

  • Successful breeding of anoa, banteng and babirusa in Indonesian zoos following breeding and transfer recommendations

  • Developing and running 10 virtual husbandry training sessions for Indonesian zoos with PKBSI, including zoo experts from all over the world.

  • Holding Action Indonesia Day 2020 to raise awareness for GSMP species. Over 30 organisations got involved for a successful day of virtual events and activities.

  • and much more…

Thank you to everyone who participated or supported Action Indonesia and our activities last year! We look forward to achieving even more in 2021!


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