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May 23

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  • 18th August 2019 marks as the first Action Indonesia Day! Bali Bird Park joins the movement by educating and raising awareness for the visitors about the efforts to save Indonesian Endemic Animals, Banteng, Babi Rusa and Anoa through the activities Zoo keeper Talks, Komodo Feeding and Face Painting. This Activities also as a commitment to Bali Bird Park in the efforts to save animals especially Indonesian Endemic Animals.
  • On August 18th 2019, the Action Indonesia Day event was held in Ragunan Zoo and was attended by 50 participants. This activity was held simultaneously in 50 institutions throughout the world in order to increase public awareness about 4 endemic species from Indonesia namely anoa, banteng, babirusa and sumatran tiger. Participants got to learn about Global Species Management Plan from material from Dr. drh. Ligaya ITA Tumbelaka, SpMp. MSc, and then went to visit 4 animal enclosures, where zookeeper explain about the animals they took care of. Today's activity was closed with a bull and anoa mask coloring contest.
  • Signs were made - information sheets were printed and laminated Henshaw Curator of Mammals, Steve Metzler used a lunchtime talk to inspire and engage over a hundred volunteers - the results were San Diego Zoo Safari Park guests were able to enjoy their first Action Indonesia Day. We had keeper talks at our babirusa, and tiger exhibits and interpretive volunteers shared information all day. Keeper talk